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October 15, 2015 - 31 Days to Better Genealogy - Day 15

31 Days of Genealogy - Day 15

Day 15 - Identify and Label Photographs

Going through old photos is something that even non-genealogists enjoy doing. Get everyone involved! Not only will it make lighter work, but you'll end up sharing stories and maybe even make a few new memories. (Plus, there's always the possibility that you'll spark an interest in genealogy with one of them!)
Your To-Do
This is a to-do that you won't complete in a day -- and that's alright. The main thing is to keep plugging away at it. Grab a few photos, identify them (people, location, and date), and label them. Get your family members involved, too. This is an almost-perfect family history group activity. Have fun!


I've run across several old photographs. It's fairly easy to identify the PEOPLE, but it's more of a problem to identify the PLACES, and even more problematic to identify DATES. But, through sharing them with other family members, I've been able to hone down the places and dates. It's' been interesting to hear the stories that accompany the stories.

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